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Food Fantasy Strategy Guide and Tips: six Excellent Tips to Dominate

About Food Fantasy Game

Food Fantasy are really classifying as among the four battle classes. Attackers (dual swords icon) are in fact quickly melee martial artists with high attack and attack speed power. Mages (star icon) are essentially ranged assailants that fling damaging spells with increased critical damage and speed.

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Defenders (shield icon) generally have low attack and critical rate/damage, although they compensate for it with greater defense and HP, making them exceptionally well designed for frontline combat, protecting the vast majority of the group of yours. Supports (cross icon) target on healing and buffing, to maintain your staff members really healthy through the high temperature of battle.

Each category is really necessary to the good results of yours in fight, and also because you will find five slots for meals Fantasy, you have all the area you've to create a proper team!

Place ingredients in wisely!

Have you been continually failing at generating new dishes? The key is really crossing guide between the recipe guide of yours as well as the ingredients list. The recipe guide will teach you all of the essential dishes for whichever beginning cuisine you selected, plus you're in a position to buy a simple hint of what you've to explore new dishes.

With that info, take a peek at the ingredient list. Right here you're able to watch every ingredient within the game, and it will really tell you where you're in a position to buy said ingredients. These days, the fun part is really putting this together and guessing that ingredients go together. For example, Strawberry Ice cream is going to have Milk Cream Strawberry!

Moreover, as you progress through the main story performing the missions as you go, frequently you will be compensated with a cookbook that will assist you a novice driver dish instantly, so you don't need to do a little guesswork.

Check out daily signs plus the happenings in!

Aside from the day sign in benefit, you will wish to have a look at the constant events. Various events, like the 15 times of warning sign in and Food Feast occasion, offer specific diamonds (the high quality currency ) and Soul Embers as rewards. Soul Embers are essential for summoning brand new food Fantasy, therefore you're likely to need to accumulate a good deal of that real quick.

Hunt down foods soul shards!

As you are leveling your foods Fantasy' skills and stats, at some point you will eventually strike max level. Although you would like the necessary amount of shards before you're able to do this, at this stage you're in a position to Ascend your foods soul. If you summon a food soul you actually have, you're about to get shards for them rather.

Aside from that, you're likely to have to individually look for shards in the story quantities. Do note that almost all food soul shards are simply in a position to decrease in the challenging mode edition of the amounts, that be prepared for a fight before hunting is begun by you.

Infinite Crystals in Food Fantasy?

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It's safer

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